An economical shed produced in standard sizes from 4’ x 4’ to 12’ x 8’. All are manufactured from 2” x 1 ½” framing and clad with tongue and groove boarding, green mineral felt on the roof, a door lock, and full immersion treating ensure a strong, long lasting shed.

All Standard sheds carry a TWO YEAR GUARANTEE

Example Standard shed


A top quality building manufactured from minimum 2” X 2” framing with diagonal bracing and clad in high quality tongue and groove boarding. The roof felt is fibre glass based and fitted with bitumen adhesive. A damp proof course under the floor joists and a silicone based immersion treatment ensures a water tight building. All Heavy Duty buildings are made to order exactly to your design and specification.

All Heavy Duty sheds carry a FIVE YEAR GUARANTEE

Example Heavy Duty shed


We offer a number of speciality sheds including the glory box, recycling shed, Compact, tool shed and tool tower.

Example Speciality shed


Many optional extras are available such as double glazing, insulation, felt roof tiles, gutters and paint finishes.

Please request our brochure that shows our full range of sizes and prices. All prices include VAT, local delivery, erecting and full treatment.

Example shed with options